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One-Stop Digital Agency

Our wide range of skills and expertise allow us to drive your IT projects from scratch. Our job is to free your mind regarding all IT aspects of your daily tasks so you can concentratre on your core business.

Hardware Repairs & Services

We service all types of IT hardware for individuals and professionals. 

IT Infrastructure

A reliable and secure infrastructure is the best way to safely grow your business.


New to internet or willing to improve your online presence, let us help you.


Having a website is not all, a proper SEO optimization will make you visible.

Content Marketing

It's time for your customers to discover what your business is.

Social Media

Generating leads and having a solid ROI on your campaigns is what we do.

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Internet is a mean and not an end. We can help you define your online strategy to fit your needs without interfering with your existing brick and mortar activity. However, if you want to go full online, we have the perfect tools to manage your inventory, logistic and accounting needs.

count on us

The ROI Experts

The era of spending without counting on online ads is over! A properly targeted advertisement strategy fitting your customer segmentation is one of the best way to increase your return on investment.

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Best Practices

We are up to date and following the most updated best practices in the industry to maximize our efficiency and your investment. Not only we work hard, but we also work smart.

Our services
Our services

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Our best product is the one you ask us to build. We usually tailor our solutions to your needs and your business. There is no magic solution to every business in the market. That’s why we like to spend some time to know how you work, what you sell, who you are, and how much sugar you put in your coffee.

For us, that’s a big NO. We like to focus first on your core business to figure out what is the best channel of communication for your bisiness. Why spending time and money on a media that will not yield any interest or sales.

Surely having a proper redacted content describing your products or services is a first step to optimize your ranking on search engines. But that’s not all… Contast us if you want to go through the roof in term of visibility.

Definitely NO. We dont sell dreams, neither lies here. Unless you have millions to burns without monitoring your ROI, please let us know, we will be happy to burn it faster with you. Instead we’d rather take long term approach with a plan and calculated risks and budget.

Some of our customers can tell you that they won’t let flyers and street marketing appart from their business marketing plan. We have a lot of idea in stock, let us know what you have in mind, we might be able to make it happen

Pen, notebook, a chair, a table, write your ideas, know what is your target. You can dream big, just make the things happen. If there’s a will, there a way!

Cleverglow provide all IT services related to online presence. Our clients are mostly E-commerce oriented and we help them achieve their goals in multiple ways. We handle their cloud infrastructure needs as well as their web server maintenance. For some others we ensure their online presence stay up to date by optimizing their social media campains and emailings. Finally, we engage in building tailored ecommerce solutions from scratch following our clients needs.

Our oldest clients trust us since more that 20 years and counting. All our missions are result oriented and we have always been paid so far so we can proudly say that we have reached 100% success rate until now.

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