The humans

The Humans

This is what makes the difference

Cleverglow Limited is born from the idea of its two C.E.O. Each one is specialized in its own domain which gives a perfect mix to all the projects we are involved.

Mark Harris – Chief Executive Officer :

We have decided to launch Cleverglow to fully live our passions. I have started my career in France at the end of 90’s and i had the chance to work for well known stock-exchange quoted companies.
At the beginning of my career i used to work in telco industry to lately move to Web Technologies and IT Security. After some years i have founded my own company to work as freelance.
My duties has sent me all over the world and mainly in Asia, especially to Hong Kong. Having many business trip in Hong Kong i was in a perfect phase with the quality and result oriented culture of the country. Some years after my first asian business trip i was ready to definitely move to Hong Kong to meet new challenges.
Quality and results oriented are the two values i will retain as pillars of Cleverglow.

As IT manager at Cleverglow I always had motivation to offer our customers solutions related to their needs in a way of highly satisfy their expectations.
Listen to our clients, knowing their duties, understand their business. This is the part that I consider the most interesting in my job. It is indeed simple to set up a network or configure servers like so many others.
But offer solutions tailored to the needs, solutions which save time and money, allowing our customers to focus 100% on their own business, this is the real challenge .

A last word about our staff. We endeavor to recruit only people whose human values are at the heights of our expectations.
At Cleverglow, we do not work with numbers or collaborators per Kilogram. Human qualities, respect and professionalism are mandatory requirements to become part of the Team.

This is what makes Cleverglow a different company, we believe in it and we give ourselves the means !

Ron Smith –  Digital Marketing Manager :

Passionate about new technologies and the evolutions of the web, I quickly specialized in the acquisition of web traffic from my program of end of studies. To understand the mechanism and functioning of different websites and to find out how to make profit and return on investment related to the opening of websites were the major issues I had. Curious, ambitious but especially eager to assist in the completion of a business and / or personal project, I was obsessed with the success of companies such as Google or Facebook where their founders had the right idea at the right time and have managed to develop it in a smart way to find out to make the most of their potential.

After several years of experience as Digital Marketing Manager in France, I wanted to continue my progression abroad, and the best place to improve my learning and knowledge about acquisition levers was Asia and especially Hong Kong, the hub of the Asian economy where marketing and online business is completely different. To be able to understand and analyze the behavior of potential consumers, dedicate them targeted and personalized advertisements according to their research interests and expectations whatever their location in order to improve the conversion rate and thus allow advertisers to invest smartly, was the goal I had set myself.

At Cleverglow, we favor quality to quantity, because we want each of our clients to be heard and understood anytime and because the human values are essential to good cooperation between the parties, we want your concerns are ours and that is why we favor interaction with each of our partners for a close monitoring of the services we have offered you. Mark and I group the same values: passion for our business, listening and understanding of the needs and expectations of clients, and perpetual results research and perfection. The complementarity of our experience, our expertise, but also our character is what makes the strength of our collaboration with Mark and the key to success between you and Cleverglow.

The humans

The Machines

It is a mean, not an end

Most of the time, companies think having a strong server and good network is enough to success in e-business. Our job is to provide you the right answer to the right question.

On a race track, it is not enough to have the best car to win the grand prize. The driver must be fully qualified and know the circuit. In the same way, put on rain tires for driving on a dry road is not the best idea.
In transposing this grand prize to the technological and commercial race that endure our customers, the issues are fairly similar. Our range of skills allows us to adapt and put every technological advantages on your side to provide solutions to your needs.

Our clients operate in various sectors and at different scales. Economic issues are more and more important, the range of our technological expertise takes account of these parameters.

As part of the implementation of a sustainable and scalable e-commerce solutions, we rely on proven and recognized technologies. Here are some of the strings we have our bow:

Operating systems : Linux, Microsoft Windows

Internet servers : Apache, Microsoft IIS

Databases : MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Web languages : PHP, JAVA, .NET, CSS

Messaging : Postfix, Qmail, Microsoft Exchange

Virtualization : VMware ESX

E-commerce Portals : Prestashop, Magento

Content Management / CMS / Blogs : WordPress, Drupal, Dotclear, Joomla!, MediaWiki, SPIP

Our range of skills cannot fit on a single Web page, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.