Our competencies


IT Infrastructures

All you need to host your e-commerce platform.
From network to servers, your data deserve an efficient and secured infrastructure.

Our architecture is fully virtualized allowing a full stacking of resources depending on your needs at no time.
We are using the recognise VMware technologies to offer you a high quality service and availability.

Our network bandwith allow a high capacity of 40 gigabits per seconds which avoid network latencies. All our network hardware is doubled and provide us a high availability on the network. It means in case of failure of one of our equipment, the other one is handling everything without any service failure.

All our customers have their own IP range allowing a full customisation of the “Reverse DNS” and a better result on the search engines depending on the geolocation of your IP range.

Depending on your projects, we will give you the choice of different servers and operating systems able to meet your needs. Whatever Windows or Linux, no technical limitation will stop your projects.

Our secured data storage will allow the hosting and the backup of your data in the best way. Dont be affraid of loosing your customers information or long time statistics.

Web Development

Web Development

A high quality e-commerce platform is not only hardware based.
A well coded website is more efficient and reliable.

Setting up an e-commerce website require a study phase and a good definition of the needs. If the this first part of the project is well driven, all the future development will be easier and the evolution of your website more efficient.

Take some time to speed up … If all the needs and required functionnalities are properly defined at the beginning, the quality of the code will be better and easy to maintain.

We are very concerned about the quality of our developments. Most of our projects are hosted under L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) architectures. PHP is then the background langage of our developers as MySQL Databases.

Quality of our coding standards is as important as the databases structure. It must be well engineered at the beginning to perfectly fit your way of working. The technic must be adapted to your processes, not the opposite.

Whatever you need a full rebuild or a simple lifting of your website, our developer and designer teams will be fully dedicated to give birth to your projects.



Having an online shop is not all.
You must target the most relevant channel to advertise and let your customers know you are available.

Strategy & Investment

A successful digital project is linked to well-defined objectives, a good knowledge of the environment in which the business is based, a good understanding of issues related to the project, as well as a good ideas structure.

Guidance and a smart investment are essential to the growth of your business but also to maintain the good financial health of the latter.

At Cleverglow, we can support you from the start of your activity by helping you to establish a concrete and achievable action plan and adapting to all the structural constraints to help you better build and structure your thoughts to achieve the goals you set by yourself.

Traffic acquisition & qualification

Creating visit on your website, qualify it to maximize your investment, your chances of achieving your goals with PPC campaigns and price comparators.

Cleverglow can help you in increasing your turnover by referencing your products and / or services on these levers, but also by putting them on various European online marketplaces.

Traffic implementation and tracking solutions will also be offered; in fact we can help you to analyze the relevant indicators related to your goals, and provide relevant recommendations to improve the performance of each of your marketing actions always with a ROI view.



Because our job is to be on top of the edge, we will help you to evaluate, anticipate, and grow your e-business.

What we love in our job is to know and understand our customers. It is mandatory for us to study your internal processes and see how you work to engineer a solution based on your job. Having an external view and being on top of the technologies, we can offer you the most efficient solution for your e-commerce project.

If it is never ending response time, recurring lost data or server crashes due to an obsolete IT Infrastructure, upgrading needs to serve better your customers, an efficient e-marketing visibility on internet, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will make a detailed inventory of your e-commerce and suggest ways of improving related to your business. Each company has its own specificity, we do not limit ourselves to fit a single model to our customers and strive to meet your needs specifically.

The added value of our services lies in the relationship we have with our customers. The quality of our services is measured directly through the satisfaction of our customers and revenues generated by the quality of our expertise.